Embrace the early rain with the cool-to-touch hair accessories and hair care products. Get prepared for every special occasion in your life - wedding, party, professional, brunch and every precious moment.

Our Mission

Early Rain celebrates your beauty from the inside out. From the carefully curated packaged boxes to the meticulous design of each product inside, down to our customer service, we want to celebrate you and your growth in life, big or small, every step of the way. 
May the early rain comfort you in the valley of tears and strengthen you in the dawn.
- Psalm 84:5-7 

Who are we?

Early Rain was founded in 2020 by a group of women driven by a heart to bring beauty alive from the inside out, in particular, making hair accessories more elevated, effortless, and accessible. We had dreamed of establishing our company here in the U.S., where we have always looked forward to bringing the universal love of style to persons of all shades of skin and hair color, and now, we're here!

Fusing timelessness with contemporary, preserving classic styles and adopting modern chicness, we have created an impressive lineup of products we are sure you'll love. From the most mundane to the most exquisite of occasions, we have products tailored to your every excursion.

Why the effort for even the mundane?

Well, it's because we believe in celebrating your beauty no matter what day it is, and all the moments that make up the most of our days are just as, if not more, worth commemorating as the dazzling, glorious occasions. Count on us to evolve your everyday essentials, and expect us to elevate your grandest celebrations. Early Rain is committed to bringing you elegant and timeless styling solutions for every hair type and style. 

Quality is a basic value.

We never want and never will plan to compromise the quality of our products with neither the simplicity nor intricacy of our products. The integrity of Early Rain products is 100% guaranteed. We dream of these products accompanying you through the many moments of the many seasons of life. Their durability is a testament of our devotion to you.

To serve you is our privilege.

Early Rain dedicates to treating our customers with our servant sprit and kind heart! Anyone who comes by will be treated with dignity.